About Us

When we first heard about the ketogenic diet four years ago, we were very skeptical about what it meant. Was it another fad? Was it a way for health experts to make more money from people who wanted to lose weight? We assumed it was another one of the fad diets that did not make an impact on a person’s health and weight.

But we were so wrong. Not only did we learn about the true benefits of a ketogenic diet, but it ended up changing our lives. We were like most people searching for a new diet. We were overweight, unhealthy and suffering the consequences of a bad diet. We would often feel tired and bloated. All of that changed when we took up the keto diet.

It is why we decided to create this informative magazine about the keto diet. Whether you are hoping to lose weight, or you just want to get healthier, you can learn so much from the keto diet. We talk about keto diet foods in some detail in our magazine. All our issues are dedicated to helping people learn more about exciting keto diet foods.

There is a misconception that the keto diet foods list is very small. People assume they are limited in what they will be able to eat. And that is what we want to educate everyone about. We want you to understand that your possibilities are endless in a keto diet. You can eat so many incredible meals. In fact, you will never eat the same meal twice in a row when you are on the keto diet, because you have so many great options.

If you have any great recipes or ideas about the keto diet that you want to share, we are happy to include guest posts from our readers. We love getting fresh content about the keto diet from people who are on the same journey of discovery as us!